Trained in art history, with a minor in film history and aesthetics, I came to filmmaking when I co-founded the women’s collective ReelFeelings, dedicated to learning how to make films in Vancouver, Canada. We produced Headache and So Where’s My Prince Already? which I directed. My works in analog and digital media have been exhibited internationally in festivals, galleries, and museums. I was among the early artists to work with digital technologies, and “Hell” (1984)- a computerized interpretation of Dante’s Inferno-broke new ground in the creative applications by artists of otherwise commercial technologies, shaping the new digital aesthetic. Complex layers of imagery and sound were facilitated by being able to freeze and replicate imagery, program motion, and make multiple frames within one frame producing a new lexicon and iconography in the field of electronic art.

The issue of defining identities in our globalized culture, and the role of media in shaping those identities characterizes much of my research. My works are in the permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art (NY), the Centre Pompidou (Paris), the National Gallery of Canada (Ottawa), the Stedelijk Museum (Amsterdam) and the Kunsthalle (Berlin).

I have written on media and art for “Afterimage”, “Felix”, “Criteria” and other publications. In 1977, I founded and edited “The Independent”, the first monthly publication for independent video and filmmakers, still in publication online. Prior to that, I founded and edited Criteria, a critical review of the arts in Vancouver. I teach media in the Visual Arts Dept. at Rutgers University.