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TRT 22m
A dramatized portrait of Susy James, a teenage runaway living in her boyfriend’s car. Original score by Jill Kroesen. In the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art, New York, and the National Gallery of Canada.
Eight years later, I shot Susy again, married with a one year old child, which became  It Happens to the Best of Us.

So Where’s My Prince Already?

TRT 20m
16mm Film
In 1974 I co-founded ReelFeelings, a collective of women with various skills (none of which included filmmaking) who wanted to make films. We borrowed equipment, took workshops and taught ourselves how to make films that represented our own experiences, in this case the comic intersection between fantasies about love and marriage and what really happens. Selected for the International Festival of Women’s Films, NYC 1976.

Read about the film in Renee Baert’s article in Screen Magazine 1995, Skirting the Issue

ReelFeelings Image from the Collapse article, Photo Credit: Bill Jones


TRT 17m
Dante’s hell interpreted for the electronic age. In the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art, New York.

Zoe’s Car

TRT 6m
When I sent away for “50 Farm Animals for $2.98” in my daughter’s name, she received tons of junk mail, including a notification of winning a car. Features Zoe Lister-Jones in her first starring role (check IMDB). First prize, Daniel Wadsworth Memorial Festival. Made with Quantel’s Paintbox and Harry. Computer Graphics by Jill Kroesen.

It Happens To The Best of Us

TRT 23m
An interview with Susy James, from Split, 8 years later, married and mother of a one year old child. A sharp contrast to the quirky tough runaway who was front and center in the earlier video, It Happens to the Best of Us contains clips from Susy at 16. Shot on 3/4″ video. Post-produced with Quantel’s Harry.

Elemental: Being There

TRT 7m
An internal monologue exploring relationships from a woman’s perspective. Juror’s Citation Award, Black Maria Film and Video Festival.